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Diocesan Museum of San Matteo

Largo Plebiscito 12 - Salerno


28 April 2018, FROM 18:00


All giorni from 9 to 13 and from 15 to 23

Thursday 3  and Friday, May 4:   from 9 to 13_cc781905_bc781905-5cde-3

Closed on Wednesday 2 May.

"I love drinking wine every day: a glass of wine is joy, it is health .  ... This is also why I responded enthusiastically to the organizers' invitation".


Bartolomeo Gatto, in the room dedicated to him, is present with a large group of large-format pictorial works and some sculptural “PIECES” made with more than 100-year-old Cilentan olive roots.

The Reds, played in various tones and facets, recall Gatto's passion for the legendary "Nectar of Bacchus" ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  In the canvases it evokes the warmth of feelings that the divine drink it often brings out and makes it more visible to humans, in this particular situation, they become more real and less constructed.

  "In preparing these canvases, Gatto continues, I found myself in front of the verse of Euripides," and where there is no wine, it is not love, nor any delight mortals have "just love, the understandings, the winks, the rapprochement between mortals were the compass to carry out these works.

Hippocrates wrote "drinking wine appeases hunger, and I recommend everyone to drink a glass of good wine, preferably Campania wine. To live better and smile at life!

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Bartolomeo Gatto - Rosso piu
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